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Norfolk Island - 
  Anson  Bay

'Round The Island Tour:

This is the ideal introductory tour of Norfolk Island.  You'll visit "must-see" spots such as Mt. Pitt, St. Barnabas Chapel and the World Heritage Listed Kingston area, as well as places the other tour companies simply don't go.  We'll cover the Island's history, economy and ecology along the way, as well as uncommon tips such as where to buy the freshest foods, local handicrafts, and other obscure (but essential) information.

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3.5 hours

Norfolk Island 
 - Longridge Arches

Convict Norfolk Island:

A comprehensive, personal tour of Norfolk's infamous Penal Colony era, 1825-1855, including walks through the New Goal, Military Barracks, Convict Hospital, and Cemetery.  Learn the human story behind the utter cruelty, including attempts at reform and the rare acts of kindness.

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3.5 hours

Norfolk Island National Park

Mt. Pitt to Captain Cook Bush Walk (Norfolk Island National Park):

Emphasising the natural history of the National Park, join the longest guided walk on Norfolk.  Starting from Mt. Pitt, our biggest view, to Mt. Bates, our highest peak, through several ecosystems to the stunning coastal scenery of the Captain Cook recreational area; approx. 3.5 km long.  A delicious continental breakfast and vehicle will await you there.  This is a morning of new and beautiful sights.  Tues. and Sat. only; min. of four people.

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3 hours

Norfolk Island 
      - Slaughter Bay reef

Photographic / Island Adventure Tour:

Take the roads less travelled.  This is for those who've been on Norfolk many days or many times and are seeking to enhance their visit with experiences from off the beaten path.  Based on what you have and haven't yet seen, we'll create an itinerary unique to you that day.  Expect the unexpected.

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3.5 hours

Norfolk Craft and Graft Tour:

Visit in their individual home-studios one of our finest island weavers and then one of our best woodworkers.  Watch them prepare and make their unique products.  Next, set in a beautiful valley setting, meet the people behind a new, innovative nursery and grafting centre and finally have an exclusive tour of the Norfolk Island Museum of Technology and Transport.  Small group sizes enable a more personal experience at each stop.  This is the only tour of its kind.  Sun. afternoons only; min. of four people.

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3.5 hours

All tours are $90 per person and include morning or afternoon tea.  Morning tours begin at 8.30am, with the exception of the Bush Walk, which begins at 7.30am.  Afternoon tours start at 1.00pm.  The Bush Walk occurs on Tuesday and Saturday mornings only; the Norfolk Craft and Graft tour only on Sunday afternoons.  Schedules for all other tours can fit to suit.  Group and family rates available.  Price includes GST.  Restricted diet?  Just let us know a day in advance.

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